The Kashbox

Employees are often hired based on the Knowledge and Skills they bring to an organization, with little attention to the behavioral traits that influence their leadership abilities. The Kashbox highlights the balance needed in developing not only the physical skills, but also understanding employees’ Attitudes and Habits to help them overcome traits that inhibit performance.

The Leadership Success Formula

Successful leadership is no accident – it can be achieved and we developed a formula that equals positive results. It starts with developing the right Attitudes and Habits, which are influenced by the core values that each of us learn in childhood. These Values and Beliefs subconsciously impact 88% of the decisions we face on a daily basis – understanding these values and beliefs helps to overcome potentially negative habits and attitudes. Add to that a clear strategy to meet the Goals of a business, and the outcome is Positive Behavior Change which leads to Improved Results, on an organizational and personal level.

The Customer Loyalty Model
impelemantion model

Building a loyal customer base is far more profitable than constantly vying for new customers. The Customer Loyalty Model emphasizes that Internal Customer Satisfaction – happy employees who interact with your customers at various Points of Connection – impacts the prevalence of creating the Loyal External Customer. Internal Customer Satisfaction is influenced by an organization’s investment in developing their People (Leadership Skills, Attitudes & Behavior, Interpersonal Skills, Business Plans), Strategy (Vision, Mission, Values), and Systems (Quality Leadership – Team Building, Process Improvement, Customer Loyalty, Continuous Improvement).

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